“I learned the core of what makes me special at the cross streets of Third & Hayden in East Cleveland, Ohio. My family has lived at this home for more than 70 years. This home is where I learned my most important values, the brilliance of jazz and gospel music, the importance of legacy, and that I was a builder through toys like LEGO® and Play-doh®.
At this home I received the nurturing, support, and resources needed to set a strong foundation for the human I would grow to be. In many ways, the structure, education, and discipline that I received was a roadmap for my future.”
- Kei Henderson, Founder & CEO

Third & Hayden is a creative development agency + incubator disguised as a record label, management, and publishing company. We are artists and creators aiding other creators in building long-lasting careers.
We work with startup and established, multidisciplinary artists to arm them with what they need. Much like the home that sits at the cross streets of Third & Hayden, we provide an environment that nurtures, supports, and guides our creative partners’ personal livelihood, passions, purpose, and creativity.
As a management company, we also partner with other managers and help guide them on their paths to being great managers. We are in the business of breaking talent; including other executives.
We are dedicated to immersive storytelling and cultivating vibrant communities. Our commitment to preserving culture while embracing innovation allows us to support artists in achieving their fullest potential, ensuring their artistic integrity remains at the heart of everything we do.
We have a genuinely vested interest in helping our creative partners create a legacy they can be proud of and pass to the generations that come after them. We are about more than 'moments' - we're about timelessness, and impact — and moving the culture lies at the core of why we do what we do.
Third & Hayden sits at the intersection of intentionality, creativity, culture and community.
Our clients span across Music, Film, Television and Visual Arts.
Third & Hayden was founded by Kei Henderson, 2021 — but the journey started in 1984